How a Jade Bangle is Made Traditionally
How Jade Bangles are Made Traditionally made in Myanmar (Burma). This article explains the processes of how a jade bangle is crafted from rough boulder to a fine piece of jewellery.
5 Types of Jade Bangle Treatment
Detailed information on treatments applied to Jade Bangle Bracelets. Treated Jade Bangles are common in the market place today and are there to deceive consumers.
5 Steps to Clean, Wax, and Care for a Jade Bangle
Some care and caution is required went it comes to handling and cleaning jade bangles. Be sure to understand that cleaning a treated jade bangle incorrectly may damage its appearance. Read this guide to maintain the best possible appearance for your jade bangle.
Jade Bangle Sizing Guide: How to measure to fit your wrist
Choosing the correct size jade bangle is crucial to ensure that it will fit you perfectly. A jade bangles is a rigid piece of jewellery and will not mould around your wrist.

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