Top 10 Most Expensive Jadeite Bangles
Jadeite is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. This article compiles a list of most expensive jadeite bangles that have been sold through auction or offered into the luxury market.
Dyed Jade Bangles in Myanmar
Traditionally the Burmese never treated their Jadeite products. Most of the treatments are done after the Jadeite has been exported to countries like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. That's until recently (in the last couple of years), treated Type (Grade) C Jade bangles started appearing in the Myanmar Jade Market.
Buying Jade: An Imperial Lesson
A short story about a pair of imperial colour jade with a lesson attached that applies to buying and selling gemstones.
Enormous Jade Boulder Extracted in Myanmar
The giant-sized jade stone found in Burma has a height of 4.3m (14ft), a length of 5.8m (19ft), and weights approximately 175 tonnes. According news reports, this rough jadeite boulder could be worth an estimated $170M USD.

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