0.59ct Hot Pink Freeform Burmese Spinel

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0.59ct Hot Pink Freeform Burmese Spinel

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Care and Handling

Spinel is consider a durable gemstone overall suit for everyday wear. With a hardness of 8 on the Moh's scale, it can be designed into all types of jewellery including rings. The mineral does not show any cleaving properties, although it should still be handled with care to avoid chips through impact just like any other gemstones. Below is a list of special handling instructions for jewellers.

Jeweller's Torch

Spinel is considered safe around a jeweller's torch. Avoid direct flame onto the gemstone. Higher level of caution needs to be taken when handling included spinels especially with surface reaching fractures.


Spinels are all-round chemically resistant. Safe to be placed in a jeweller's pickle.


Care must be taken to not prolong the use of ultrasonic when cleaning included spinels. Prolonged cleaning in the ultrasonic may cause existing fractures to expand.


Spinel is safe with a steam cleaner.


Heat treatment can be performed on Spinels to slight improve its colour. However, such treatment is not common in the gemstone market. The slight improvement in colour does not warrant the costs of heat treatment. 

Burma Origin

Burmese spinels are perhaps the most well known in the world for their colour and quality. Famous colours from Burma includes: the ruby like pigeon blood vivid red colour and the vivid pinkish red colour dubbed the Jedi spinel. Burma is also known for producing perfect octahedral spinel crystals that are so well formed and polished, the locals call it ‘Nat Thwe’ which translates into cut by the spirits or angel cut. Mining operations in Mogok has been recorded in history to date back to the 6th century AD. The area has been under strict control by the different rulers of the land over time up until now. Through 1889-1931, when Burma was under the British colony, mining in Mogok was conducted by a British firm Burma Ruby Mines Ltd. Their studies showed that the highest yielding deposits would be underneath Mogok which lead to the relocation of the entire village. In 1929, prolonged monsoon rain storms flooded the mine which formed the lake in the middle of Mogok as we see it today.

Another important source(but not well known) for fluorescent hot pink spinels is located in a remote mountainous area call Namya or Nanya (aka Nanyazeik) in Kachin state, upper Burma. Mining activities only began in the late 90s and production is kept at an minimal because of the difficult terrain.

Spinel Inclusions

The study of inclusions inside of a spinel is important for gemmologists because these minute clues can shine light on the identity of a spinel, where it came from and if it has been treated. Certain inclusions are only found from a specific source or mine site. Experts find these inclusions to pinpoint the origin of the gemstone be it natural or synthetic. There are the inclusions that are only found in spinels and never in any other gemstones. Such inclusions can be used to separate spinel from others. Finally, if the spinel has been heat treated, there are clues left behind from the heating process that can be revealed under a microscope.

Octahedral crystal inclusions inside of a red spinel from Mogok, Burma. These are typical of spinels from all sources. Sometimes, they can be negative crystal filled with another mineral such as calcite.

A planes of minute octahedral crystals arranged in a fingerprint pattern. This are diagnostic inclusion of spinels. Grey spinel from Mogok.

An elongated crystal of what appears to be an apatite inclusion. Natural crystal inclusions like this are never found in a synthetic and can be easily used to differentiate between a natural and synthetic gemstone. Grey spinel from Mogok.

A purplish pink spinel from Mogok also presented with classic fingerprint inclusions.

Mineral Properties

Chemical CompositionMg(Al2O4) Magnesium Aluminum Oxide
Crystal SystemCubic
TransparencyTransparent – Opaque
Specific Gravity3.55 - 3.72
Reflective Index1.712 - 1.725


Trade NameMineral
Balas Ruby, Spinel Ruby, RubicelleRed Spinel
Arizona SpinelGarnet
Candy SpinelAlmandine Garnet

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