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At Mays, we bring you an exquisite selection of the finest gemstones available in different styles, sizes and cuts. We are renowned for selling precious gemstones and jewellery and are home to a collection known for its uniqueness and splendour. We emphasize on consistency and quality and our gemstones are directly sourced from mines in Burma. As home to an unrivalled range to suit every taste and budget, we are the gemstone dealer you can trust for genuine products. Explore our collection to discover beautiful gems, opal, spinel, sapphire, ruby and more that are a feast to your eyes.

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Gemstones reflect unparalleled charm and character and are known for their symbolic significance. They are treasured for their outstanding beauty and make a precious addition to your collection. Gemstones have always been admired by various cultures for their uniqueness and each piece has its own story. If you are looking for quality gemstones, you have come to the right place. At MAYS, we have a trusted network of dealers in Burma and bring you the finest gemstones directly from them. Priced reasonably, our collection gives you the opportunity to take home splendid pieces at amazing prices.

Buy Quality Gemstones And Jewellery At Reasonable Prices

We are gem experts and offer exotic pieces at prices that you will absolutely love. Our direct connection with Burma has enabled us to make available exquisite and rare gemstones to the Australian market at unbeatable prices. If you are passionate about gemstones and jewellery and want to add to your collection, browse through our collection today!

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Australian Black Opal

A gorgeous gemstone, Precious Australian Opals are known for their impressive play of colours and is highly popular among gemstone connoisseurs and collectors.

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1. We have a contemporary take on jewellery creation and bring you a distinguished ring, earrings, pendant and necklace to choose from.

2. We are a dedicated gemstone dealer and are committed to offering our clients quality gemstones and jewellery.

3. With our wide knowledge and expertise, we bring you opulent gemstones and bespoke jewellery pieces.

4. Known for its gorgeous look and remarkable cut, we can help you get the gemstone that you have always wanted. 

Whether you are looking for a particular gemstone, size or colour, we have your needs covered. We invite you to visit our shop in Melbourne, Australia to discover jewellery known for its craftsmanship.

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