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Jade Bangle Sizing Guide: How to measure to fit your wrist

Written by: Wai Yan
10 October 2017

Choosing the correct size jade bangle is crucial to ensure that it will fit you perfectly. A jade bangles is a rigid piece of jewellery and will not mould around your wrist. If the size is too narrow to fit over your knuckles, it will not fit. Though there is good tolerance from the minimum size, if the bangle is too large, it will easily come off your wrist. Measuring the size is easy, just follow a simple steps below:

Palm Method

Using a ruler, measure across the knuckles as shown in the picture below.

The measurement you just took is a loose/large fit bangle size that will be very easy to fit through your knuckles. There is a tolerance for fitment and doesn’t have to be exactly perfect size. For a regular fit, choose a size that is 5mm smaller than your palm measurement. You may choose upto 12 mm smaller depending on how flexible your knuckles are, without having the bangle being too small. Refer to the fitting guide on how to fit a jade bangle.

Unit Conversion

You will need to convert your measurement into millimetres.
1 cm = 10 mm
1 inch = 25.4 mm

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  • hue nguyenOct 03, 2019

    hello my 6cm can u tell me what size i am ??? thx

  • GraceApr 17, 2019

    Dear manager

    Would you kindly provide me with a price guide for good quality jade bangles. I much appreciate your assistance.

    Kind Regards

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