Jade Bangle Sizing Guide: How to measure to fit your wrist

Written by: Wai Yan
10 October 2017

Finding the right Jade Bangle Bracelet Size

Choosing the correct size jade bangle is crucial to ensure that it will fit you perfectly. A jade bangles is a rigid piece of jewellery and will not mould around your wrist. If the size is too narrow to fit over your knuckles, it will not fit. If the bangle is too large, it may easily come off your wrist with sudden arm movements. Measuring to fit a jade bangle bracelet size is easy, just follow one of the sizing methods below:

Note: Oval shape jade bangles' sizes are different to circular shape jade bangles. Information on how to get your sizing for an oval jade bangle please refer to our ‘Sizing for Oval Jade Bangle Bracelets’ section below.

Circumference Method

Tools required: Tape measurer or a piece of string and ruler

Step 1: Prepare

Hold your thumb towards your little finger as tightly as possible.

Step 2: Measure

Use a measuring tape to measure the widest part of the hand as show below in the picture. If you do not have a measuring tape you can replace it with a string. Then, measure the length of the string on a ruler.

Note: If a tape measurer is not available, you may use a string to measure the circumference instead. Then, using a ruler to obtain the length of the string measurement. 

  • To accurately measure your jade bangle size you must hold your fingers tightly together. Having a second person doing the measurement with the measuring tape would be helpful.
  • For a looser fitting you may add 1 - 5mm to the jade bangle size based on personal preference.
  • When choosing preferred jade bangle size, individuals should take into consideration body build, bone structure, flexibility, medical conditions, and personal preferences etc. As these may result in size differences when choosing the perfect fitting for a jade bangle.

Step 3: Find your size

Using the table below find your corresponding bangle size. 

Tape / String Length Bangle Size
130 - 150mm50 - 52mm
150 - 170mm52 - 54mm
170 - 190mm54 - 56mm
190 - 210mm56 - 58mm
210 - 230mm58 - 60mm
230 - 250mm60 - 62mm
250 - 270mm62 - 64mm
270 - 290mm64 - 66mm
290 - 310mm66 - 68mm

Palm Method

Tools required: Ruler

Step 1: Measure

Using a ruler, measure in millimetres across the back of your knuckles as shown in the picture below. 

Step 2: Calculate 

  • Subtract 10mm from the measurement. This will give you your Regular Fit size.
  • Subtract 5mm from the measurement. This will give you your Loose Fit size.
  • Subtract 12mm from the measurement. This will give you your Tight Fit size.
  • There is a tolerance with fitment. It doesn’t have to be the exactly measurement.

Note: The sizing measurement achieved using this method will provide you with a rough estimate of your size based on our records of past fitment averages. Actual size required may differ due to individual factors such as body build, bone structure, flexibility, and medical conditions, etc.

Sizing Reference Table

Palm BreadthRegular FitLoose FitTight Fit
Below 55mmBelow 45mm--
55 - 60mm45 - 50mm50 - 55mm
43 - 48mm
60 - 65mm50 - 55mm55 - 60mm48 - 53mm
65 - 70mm55 - 60mm60 - 65mm53 - 58mm
70 - 75mm60 - 65mm65 - 70mm58 - 63mm
Above 75mmAbove 65mm--

Existing Bangle Method

Tools required: Ruler or digital calliper and a circular bangle

Step 1: Measure

Using a ruler or a digital calliper, measure the inner diameter of an existing bangle.

Note: This method of measuring for the size of a jade bangle bracelet is highly accurate but will require a bangle that is known to fit your hand. Any bangle bracelet will do as long as it's solid and not hinged for fitment. It doesn't even have to be your own. Trying on bangles from friends or family can give you an accurate fitting measurement. 

Dress Size Method

Tools required: Fitting dress with standardised  sizing

A new sizing method formulated exclusively by us to aid all our customers in determining the right size of jade bangle bracelet by using the international dress size scale. It's still under development. 

Note: Only use as an indication to confirm the size measurements you obtained from the above methods.

Step 1: Find your dress size

Determine your dress size by looking at the label of a dress that fits you.

Step 2: Match your size

Match your dress size to the jade bangle size listed in the table below.

AU /UK Dress SizeUS/CanadaRegular Fit Bangle Size
4052 - 54mm
6254 - 56mm
8456 - 58mm
10660 - 62mm
12862 - 64mm

Sizing for Oval Jade Bangle Bracelets

Sizing for an Oval jade bangle is different to a round or circular jade bangle bracelet. In order to establish your size for an oval bangle, you would need to first follow the methods above to get your size for round bangle, then, add 2mm to that measurement. This will provide you with a size to fit oval shaped jade bangle bracelets. 

Your Circular Bangle SizeYour Oval Bangle Size

This is a general fitment guide for oval jade bangles based on records of past fitments. Actual size required may differ due to individual factors such as body build, bone structure, flexibility, and medical conditions, etc.

Unit Conversion

You will need to convert your measurement into millimetres.
1 cm = 10 mm
1 inch = 25.4 mm

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